Retail Marijuana Grower

The Bud Booster Retail Grower is designed for the small commercial grower or a dispensary using city water.  Bud Booster water filters are designed to enhance growth, potency and bud size. The Bud Booster water filter removes chlorine, chloramine, and all of their carcinogenic byproducts. It also removes or reduces fluoride. Fluoride is known to interfere with Phosphorous uptake in plants, thus limiting flower production. By removing fluoride the Bud Booster water filter enhances the production of flowers in Cannabis. Removing chloramine and chlorine allows natural flora (the soil’s microbiome) to flourish in the soil. The Bud Booster water filter for marijuana also removes known carcinogens present in all public water supplies. These include the carcinogens known as the trihalomethanes and halo acetic acids. Learn more about the effectiveness of the Bud Booster here. Growers who use the Bud Booster have found an increase in the level of terpenes in their buds.

Chlorine is a sterilant, meaning that it kills the microbes in your soil. Just like organic crops avoid using pesticides, when you allow soil microbes to flourish in your soil you will have a richer healthier plant.

The author of What Your Food Ate, concluded the following:

…determined that crops grown organically and in healthy soil have less pesticide residues and higher amounts of antioxidant-rich phytochemicals such as flavonoids and carotenoids.

“One could argue whether the differences are enough to be worried about, but from my perspective, the best level of pesticides in my food is none and best level of phytochemicals is more,” he says.

Growing marijuana has been extremely haphazard over the course of years. Many growers believe that city water is fine and filters are not required. Even so, plants have been developed with high levels of potent THC and various forms of CBD and terpenes. But are these plants as good as they can be? The answer is no, not unless they are being grown in healthy living soils.

Here’s an excerpt from Plants | Free Full-Text | Investigation of Cannabis sativa Phytochemicals as Anti-Alzheimer’s Agents: An In Silico Study (

“Cannabis consists of a complex mixture of phytochemical compounds made up of flavonoids, terpenoids, cannabinoids [4], alkaloids, glycoproteins [5], and phytosteroids [6]. Over 565 cannabis constituents have been discovered in the cannabis plant [7], and over 150 compounds are considered phytocannabinoids [8,9,10].”

The Bud Booster Retail Grower is for small to medium size commercial growers who want a complex organic product, rich in phytochemicals

Bud Booster flowering plants
The Bud Booster Retail Grower can support 200 plants

There are two sizes. The Bud Booster Retail Grower is designed for the dispensary growing its own marijuana or for small commercials growers selling to the retail medical and recreational facility growing its own product. One Bud Booster Retail Grower will support 150 to 300 plants. It filters water at a rate of 3 gallons per minute (gpm) with no wasted water. Unlike reverse osmosis the Bud Booster filters every drop of water. The photo to the right shows plants grown with the Bud Booster.

Bud Booster Home Grower is for the individual growing at home.

Both versions consist of a three stage filter system designed to remove fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, and the carcinogenic byproducts of these. It will also remove herbicides and pesticides.


“I could see an amazing difference in the plants health. It’s amazing! The Bud Booster made a noticeable difference in the health of my plants. Awesome filters!”  Keith @ beantowngreentown

The Bud Booster™ is the most effective water filter for marijuana available today

The unique and exquisite combination of treatments creates a synergistic effect. It removes chloramine, chlorine and chlorine’s carcinogenic byproducts. Fluoride, arsenic, and barium are targeted with a specialty filter. Select heavy metals are removed while leaving healthy minerals in the water.  We achieve this by using a unique combination of treatments. Bone Char targets fluoride and arsenic reduction. High purity KDF and potent catalytic carbon for chloramine and disinfection by product removal. Finally, a coconut carbon block filter for removal of volatile organics and pesticides.

The Bud Booster is intended for growers whose water source contains less than 300 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (tds).

The Bud Booster Retail Grower is intended for the dispensary growing its own marijuana. It is also the best filter for commercial growers with production of 150 to 300 plants. Unlike RO, the Bud Booster does not waste water.

Bud Booster Retail Specifications

bud booster water filter for commercial cannabis growers
Bud Booster Retail Grower
  • It is approximately 6” wide 18” long and 24” tall.
  • It comes pre-assembled and has quick connect fittings on either end for 3/8” tubing (not included).
  • You can easily set up an automated drip irrigation for dozens of plants using parts you can find at your local garden or hardware store.
  • The treated flow rate is approximately 3 gallons per minute.
  • Learn more about filter life and replacements here.
  • Two units may be required to produce an annual harvest of 250 lbs.
  • Pricing: $750, shipping to U.S. residents $60

All sales for this item are by phone because stocks are limited and prices subject to change: 866-691-4214
For water sources with a tds higher than 300 ppm you may use my custom reverse osmosis system plus a larger storage tank or a small commercial RO. You can upgrade output with the optional 14, 20, and 44 gallon tanks, call for pricing on these items. Depending on your grow size a system will have to be custom designed for you.
“Everybody’s been impressed with my plants. I’m using the Bud Booster instead of RO. Growing without the expense of RO and saving money on nutrients. My growth rate has increased since using the Bud Booster.”
 James S, Grow 420 Zen – growing 147 plants with a single Retail Grower Bud Booster
Call to discuss your requirements. I’ll need to know your water quality, the amount of water you need each day and the amount you need at any one time.

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