Top 5 Marijuana Seeds and How to Choose the Best One

top 5 marijuana strainsWith the ever growing popularity of marijuana across the planet, cannabis seeds with all kinds of names are showing up everywhere it is pretty easy to be overwhelmed by all of your options. Here are the top five marijuana seeds and how to choose the best one.

To get the best value for your money, you need a strain that performs best in the climatic settings of your surroundings and something that really gets you high if that’s what it’s supposed to do. It should be a tested-and-tried option at the very least, requiring the least amount of nourishment and yielding as much THC per drag as possible.

Nowadays you can select the type of high you’d like to experience and choose the strain that will deliver. Below are some of the most popular marijuana seeds and everything you need to know about them.

1. AK-47

The AK-47 marijuana seeds have a legendary status among smokers and is arguably the best strain you can find on the market right now. It’s often described as a one hit wonder by most breeders and that has earned it the name AK-47. Besides its extremely complex, trademark heavy and long-lasting high potency, the strain sports a soft, spicy sweet taste that has earned it popularity among smokers who can’t stand the chocking taste typical of most other breeds.

The strain has a relatively short flowering period and does not require too much nourishment once planted.
On the downside, smoke from the AK-47 has a very strong odor and is known to travel.

2. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is definitely one of the most popular breeds in cannabis genetics and is clearly one of our favorites. Its’ buds have an incredibly sharp smell with a touch of sweet spice, and bring about a mind-blowing high with an unbelievably great body feeling. The original Super Silver Haze strain was bred by Shantibaba and Neville from Mr. Nice Seeds but many seed banks are currently including the Silver Haze in their catalogs.
As a finished product, the Silver Haze is highly valued, and should thus be considered for commercial purposes.

One disadvantage about rearing this strain is the fairly longer flowering period it calls for and its inability to adapt to different climatic conditions.

3. Critical

Critical contains each and every single quality you are looking for in marijuana. It’s another strain that boasts worldwide fame and is considered one of the most consumed breed for the past two decades. Its unmatched potency, productivity, easy maintenance, and the relaxed, sublime high it gives you the very first time you take a drag earns it a place among the ultimate alternatives for a daily smoker. Its flowering period is approximately six to seven weeks depending on the climatic conditions, and a healthy one-meter plant will yield an average of 60-75 grams of marijuana.
Perhaps, the only shortcoming about Critical is that it takes longer to mature and yields less in colder climatic conditions.

4. Power Flower

Remember Power Plant? One of the most popular and prevalent marijuana strains in Amsterdam? Consider Power Flower its reincarnation.
The Power Flower is a highly productive strain that adapts best to indoor conditions making it a great option for medical cannabis growers and recreational growers alike. Growers living in warm climates will get the best out of this strain with an approximate yield of up to 85 grams per one-meter plant. Anything above 75 grams per plant is incredible, and thus the Power Flower remains one of the most productive marijuana strains. To add to that, the breed contains a sweet citrus taste and sports an above average potency, suitable for average smokers.

On the downside, though, growers in high altitude areas would find it difficult getting Power Plant to thrive as the cold temperatures provide an non-conducive environment for natural development.

5. Royal Moby

When size is the subject, Royal Moby wins the battle hands down. It’s basically the best option for any grower looking for a big, strong and leafy marijuana strain to add to their yard.

Genetically sativa dominant, the strain can grow to a height of two meters indoors and an incredible three meters outside. Indoor growers can be guaranteed of a 75 gram yield while outside growers can harvest up to 85 grams of raw marijuana per plant.

Generally, Royal Moby is not suited for indoor growing as it takes a lot of room and requires a lot of sunlight. It’s may therefore not be suitable for recreational and medical cannabis growers who would usually prefer indoor growing. That said, its THC content per gram is incredibly high and users can be sure of unparalleled potency.bud booster home water filter

Take a second below to tell us your favorite strain and why! My favorite strains include Blue Dream and Tres Star.

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Here’s a source for seeds of many strains.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for this article. I have also learned that even if you’ve got the best strains in your hands, you still need to consider your location, the climate and the humidity. It says, if you are living in a frequently humid location, plant early finishers. That way, you can avoid molds and other problems related to humidity.

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