Wholesale Marijuana Growers

Elevate 420 provides water filtration systems for wholesale growers. These are large commercial operations that produce marijuana for sale to dispensaries. Due to the size of commercial operations the wholesale grower can call me and we will review your local water quality report to determine the system for your needs.

Generally, if your total dissolved solids levels are 300 parts per million or less and your water source is high quality snow melt, rain, lake or river water then you will employ my 3 cu ft fluoride filter followed by my 2 cu ft carbon filter with specialty carbon. In addition to your water report I will need to know the treated flow rate you require in order to provide detailed pricing.

These systems will remove or reduce chloramine, chlorine, pesticides, and fluoride, allowing your plants to grow in soil free of poisons. Removal of these chemicals has been shown to increase growth rate, potency, and bud size. The complexity of the THC, cannabinoid and terpene profile is enhanced.

Water filtration systems for wholesale growers

Illustrated below is a 3 cu ft fluoride filter plus 2 cu ft carbon filter

wholesale grower water filtration system

  • Fluoride and chloramine removal, also pesticides and volatile organics
  • For water where tds is below 300 ppm and otherwise high quality water sources
  • Flow rates of 6 to 10 gallons per minute
  • Custom sizing available including higher flow rates

Illustrated below is a commercial reverse osmosis system

commercial-ro-200 gallons per day

  • Commercial grade reverse osmosis
  • This system shows 200 gallon per day RO plus 165 gallon storage
  • Custom sizing available to meet your requirements

 Elevate 420 is a division of Sweetwater, LLC

Call to Discuss Your Options

If you are looking for detailed specifications about a specific filter: please request it here.