Your Water

Research your water quality to determine which filter is right for you. The Bud Booster is designed specifically for city water that contains chloramine, chlorine, and fluoride with a total dissolved solids (tds) level below 300 parts per million (ppm). This will typically be in cities where the water supply is from snowmelt or rain or river water, but may not including the large major rivers of the U.S. If you do not know the level of tds in your water you can call your local water provider, either the city or a private company, and ask them.

While minerals in water are generally considered to be a good thing you, the grower, will be adding minerals in exactly the proportions you desire.

Another practice of mine is to closely review your local water quality report. These may also be called a Consumer Confidence Report. Your water provider is required by law to give this to you. It will list those contaminants that are currently regulated by USEPA. If you have high levels of nitrates, radioactive metals such as uranium, or other metals you may wish to call me. We can review your water report together and determine which filter will suit you. You can learn how to find your water report here.

Which Water Filter is Right for You

If your tds is below 300 purchase the Bud Booster. If your tds is above 300 purchase my custom reverse osmosis system. This will take the tds level from whatever it is down to about 10 ppm. If you have high nitrates or radioactive metals purchase my reverse osmosis system. Check out How to Dechlorinate Tap Water naturally.

I can’t tell you what your tds is, only your water provider can do that. If you need help in determining which filter you need due to other contaminants please call me during business hours. Other contaminants present in your water may also be a concern. If you have questions, call me:

9 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time at 866-691-4214

If you do know what is in your water and what you want to remove, find your local water quality report. If you have well water, call me about a water test. Learn more about well water testing here.

Please take a few moments to browse our filters and you can easily find the right filter for your growing operation. Please select home, retail, or wholesale and you will be guided to the correct filter sizes for your operation.

Home Marijuana Growers
home grower sized bud booster water filterThe home grower is the individual growing the legal number of marijuana plants at home, which is generally limited to six plants. Find a Filter
Retail Growers
bud booster retail water filter for retail cannabis growersThe retail grower owns a retail marijuana store and grows plants for sale on site or at another facility. Find a Filter
Wholesale Growers
Urban Defender Catalytic Carbon Filter and Fluoride Removal SystemThe wholesale Grower is one who has a warehouse facility for growing large volumes of marijuana numbering in the hundreds of plants. Get More Information