About Us

Elevate 420 produces water filters for legal marijuana growers. The company was founded in 2014 to provide water filters and water purification systems to legal medical and recreation marijuana growers. Elevate 420 is a division of Sweetwater LLC which has provided water purification systems to businesses and homeowners since 2003.

Founder and owner James P McMahon is an ecologist with 24 years’ experience in water quality and water purification. His focus was originally on river restoration for the purpose of protecting and recovering endangered native fish. In 2003 he launched Sweetwater LLC, whose customers include the discerning individual with a focus on healthy living.

Elevate420 produces water filters for legal marijuana growers. If you want the very best water filter for your grow, purchase the Bud Booster today. It comes in two sizes for both the retail grower and the home grower.

With a background in ecology and water quality, and having been an avid herb grower himself, Jim brings a science background to water purification for the budding legal cannabis industry. Jim has years of knowledge and field experience which gives him a solid understanding of what contaminants need to be removed and how they impact your plants.

If you have any questions about what is in your water or which filter you need to treat it obtain a copy of your local water quality report and then contact Jim during business hours at: 866-691-4214 or 970-259-2171 between 9AM – 6PM Mountain Time.