What is the Best Water Filter for Growing Marijuana?

What is the Best Water Filter for Growing Marijuana?

What is the best water filter for growing marijuana? Many growers use reverse osmosis systems when the Bud Booster is a better choice. Reverse osmosis systems will remove all minerals and contaminants from water. This allows a grower to control the nutrients levels precisely. The thought is that if they’ve removed all minerals then the plants are only receiving those being added deliberately. However, low levels of naturally occurring minerals don’t interfere with growth.  Nutrient manufacturers assume the presence of low levels of naturally occurring minerals.

Downside of Using Reverse Osmosis Filters

First RO may not remove chloramine unless a special filter is added. RO systems require maintenance and use quite a bit of water, making them more expensive than ordinary carbon filtration. Still, in some cases, reverse osmosis treatment is the right choice. I would suggest this is true where the total dissolved solids content of your water supply is above 300 parts per million (ppm) or where some particular contaminant must be removed using this technology. This might include high nitrates or radioactive metals. An example would be southern California where the tds often exceeds 600 ppm.

Going Filter Free? Not a Good Idea!

Other growers use no filtration at all and claim to do just fine. Marijuana certainly does grow with no filtration. However there is considerable data to suggest that chlorine, chloramine (a lethal combination of chlorine and ammonia), and fluoride all affect the health and growth of cannabis. You can see some of that information in another of my blog posts.

Fluoride is known to inhibit phosphorous uptake and therefore has a negative impact on flowering. This fact has been firmly established by the horticulture industry. Chloramine is thought to slow growth during the vegetative stage.

The best water filter for growing cannabis would remove both fluoride and chloramine. The Bud Booster™ water filter does just that.

Benefits of the Bud Booster water filter over alternative filters bud booster home and bud booster retail water filters

-Eliminates water wasted by Reverse Osmosis
-Removes Chloramine from water
-Reduces fluoride and arsenic from water
-Economical to buy and operate
-Treats Every drop of water

There are other issues to consider when purchasing the best water filter for growing marijuana. These include the presence of other contaminants and the level of total dissolved solids (tds). When your water source is from a river then the level of tds would normally be under 250 ppm. If the source of that river is snow melt then the tds will be lower still. San Francisco and East Bay MUD, ie Oakland, have a tds of about 42 ppm.

In these cases the Bud Booster water filter is the best filter for growing weed. When other contaminants such as radioactive metals, arsenic, uranium, or high tds are present then using a reverse osmosis system with the appropriate carbon filter is necessary.

As the legal marijuana industry grows more attention will be focused on whether the cannabis is organic or contains pesticides or any harmful chemicals. Again, the Bud Booster is the best water filter to produce organic marijuana.

To learn more be sure to look up your local water quality report and then buy the appropriate filter here on the website.

8 Comments on “What is the Best Water Filter for Growing Marijuana?

  1. we are licensed growing in Washington. our first grow is about 1,000 sf scale up to 8,000 sf overtime.
    we have good tap water from the city. what size of filter should we use?

    • I would need a lot more information than that. How many gallons per minute do you need? What’s in your water? ‘Good tap water’ doesn’t tell me that. Etc.

  2. If I am running a DWC set up with 95 gallons in my buckets & control res and a top off filter of 66 gallons what size filtration system do you recommend? I change out my water every 2 weeks.


      • This is for my veg room that is set up with 20 buckets. My bloom room has the same exact set up with 20 buckets, as well. I will be filling up one room at a time about once a month. So about 160 gallons at time – twice a month.

  3. I have 5 plants that drink 6 liters/hour. That is the rate I figured out they are drinking at, my town Tap water is too high it’s at 407ppm but I can’t afford reverse osmosis at the moment. This is also my first grow I’m a 21 year old from Canada just looking for any expert opinion or advice on how long I should flush for?

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