Some Growers Expect a Water Filter to Create Desirable pH for Growing Cannabis

Some growers expect a water filter to create desirable pH for growing cannabis. This is not accurate. Water filters do not affect pH.

Marijuana likes a slightly acidic soil. A pH between 6 and 7 is ideal. Most water sources will have a higher pH. You’ll have to adjust this downward. Some methods for lowering pH include the addition of vinegar to your water. Phosphoric acid or a commercially available pH lowering solution are alternatives. You’ll want to add your nutrients first. Then test the pH. Then add an appropriate amount of pH lowering solution to achieve your desired pH.

The job of the water filter is to remove chemicals so you can grow an organic product

Water filters remove contaminants for city water, including chlorine or chloramine and the carcinogenic trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids. If you look at your local water quality report you’ll find these listed. That’s because they are known carcinogens. The job of the water filter is to remove these so you can grow an organic product. Elimination of chlorine and chloramine allow a healthy biome to exist in your soil. The Bud Booster water filter does a great job of removing these chemicals. Most competing filters do not.

It is true that reverse osmosis systems will lower the pH of city water. They do so by removing all minerals and dissolved solids from water. But what is pH? Many people confuse pH with alkalinity. These are not the same. pH is a measure of hydrogen ions. Whereas alkalinity is a measure of calcium carbonate.

Some growers expect a water filter to create desirable pH

Adjusting pH is an equally important but separate task

Think of your approach like this:

  • remove harmful chemicals from city water
  • ┬átest your water and add nutrients as desired
  • ┬átest again and adjust pH

Now your water is ready to be distributed to your plants.

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