Effectiveness of the Bud Booster water filter

The secret to growing truly great marijuana lies in providing the right conditions for your grow. The Bud Booster water filter is effective at removing the contaminants in city water with a tds of 300 ppm or less. Chlorine or chloramine are both chemicals that will kill microbes in your soil if not removed by filtration. Fluoride is another city additive that limits bud growth. The effectiveness of the Bud Booster water filter promotes plant growth with a complex cannabinoid and terpene profile. The water source is Tulsa, OK.

Let’s look at one grower’s test results. M & J Kraft Cannabis of Jenks, OK employs the Bud Booster and consistently monitors their filter use. Here are the results from two of their strains:

Strain:                                        Zsweet Insanity – Sativa                              Ethos Plant of the Grapes – Hybrid

THC:                                                      22.87%                                                                  20.11%

CBD:                                                        2.51%                                                                        .35%

Total Cannabinoids:                               29.2%                                                                    23.35%

Terpenes:                                                 4.72%                                                                     2.99%

As you can see they have excellent THC, Cannabinoids, and, interestingly enough, high Terpenes. Both strains are low CBD.

“Researchers are now saying it is the terpenes that are responsible for a strain’s unique effects.”

We believe it is the effectiveness of the Bud Booster water filter that is responsible for these results. Look at this bud:

grown with the Bud Booster
Grown with the Bud Booster water filter

In an increasingly competitive marketplace you have to take advantage of the tools at your disposal.

Everything about the grow is similar to the conditions other growers also provide. What is unique to this situation is the use of the Bud Booster water filter.

Other growers use the Bud Booster but one fact that seems to elude most growers is that you have to replace the filters on the schedule provided in order to maintain effectiveness.

Here’s a look at the number of plants supported by one Bud Booster Retail Grower:

effectiveness of the Bud Booster water filter
The Bud Booster Retail Grower can support 200 plants


Many growers use reverse osmosis systems. Depending on your water source you may need to, but there are many locations where your water source is conducive to using the Bud Booster. To learn whether the Bud Booster will work for you find a copy of your local water report and then give me a call. There are other filters for sale that cost less and do less. You could be using the best. The only filter designed specifically for growing marijuana.

4 Comments on “Effectiveness of the Bud Booster water filter

    • The Bud Booster does not change the total dissolved solids of water. This is what you’re measuring when you use the term ppm. I would use the Bud Booster on a water source with a tds below 300 ppm. If it’s above that I would be inclined to use reverse osmosis. But it depends on what else is in the water. The best way to figure out which filter is the best is to find and review your local water quality report.

      • wouldn’t an ro need a pre-filter first before 300ppm water goes through it? I was told that would take a while through ro and have to change the filters quite often. is this right?

        • An RO does consist of a number of stages, typically a sediment filter, then a couple of carbon block filters, then the membrane. From the membrane the water enters a storage tank. Total dissolved solids (tds) is what’s being referred to when we talk about ppm. Water with a tds of 300 ppm would not affect the filter life at all. Those filters remove dirt along with chemicals. Dissolved solids are removed by the membrane. Dissolved solids are the minerals in water, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.

          I suggest 300 ppm at an approximate limit at which you use RO over the Bud Booster simply because of the effect of the dissolved solids in the water on the mineral profile you’re striving to achieve for your plants. High tds will increase the minerals in the soil or substrate. Also it would be likely that you don’t know what minerals are in the water, though you can figure this out with a good water test.

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